Adopt a Street Cleanup

Extending our Customer Service to Community Service
April 26, 2013 By Robert Bleser

When Triple E Technologies signed up recently to host regular Adopt-A-Street cleanups in Post Falls, Idaho, the idea was to take the same commitment and care of our 5-Star customer service outside in the form of community service.
“Post Falls is a beautiful place to live and work,” said Dan Eloe, Triple E Technologies GM. “Giving back to the community is wholly in keeping with company tradition; we have always been a family-oriented, people-first business.”

Event signups have been overwhelming, due in large part to extending participation to employee spouses and other family members.
“I got my wife to sign up,” a recent new hire said. “We are new to the area; I thought it would be a wonderful way for her to meet my coworkers, and for them to meet her.”

First cleanup event is scheduled for mid-May, and will immediately be preceded by a BBQ and safety meeting. Participants will then break up into teams, with each team taking a section of 3rd Street from Spokane Avenue to Greensferry Road.
Each cleanup is expected to take two to three hours. The events will not only help keep the area free of litter, but allow coworkers and their families to spend some quality time together working for a good cause.